Refletion-week 2 term 4

My favourite  this week was choir, because I had lot of fun singing and dancing especially Valentina’s new trend.

I am really exited about bike ed because my mum is going to get me a new bike.

This week I learnt about cinquain poems and how they they have 5 lines and goes like this:



Pouring, Racing, Diving

Undying natural beauty


On Thursday, in art we made friendship bracelets with wool and 3 straws. My one is still not finished.

Overall I rate this week a 9/10 because it was a wonderful week for me.


Reflection Week 1 Term 4

My highlight this week was science because we are doing the solar system and that is my favourite subject.

I learnt how to write a good haiku poem, you have 3 lines. The first has 5 syllables, the second has 7 syllables and the last has 5 again. Here is an example:

Pleasant cool spring breeze

sailing gently through my hair

blowing here and there

my lowlight this week was that I forgot to take my library books with me so I couldn’t borrow any new books.

My rating for this week is 9/10 because overall it was a good week for me.

I wonder what we are going to learn next week?

I’m looking forward to swimming and bike ed.

my goal for term 4 2017 is to not talk to Jemica while I work.



Reflection week 7

Hello everyone,

My favourite thing this week was when the grade 6s went to Weeroona for a spots day. We played netball and football and our school won both, I participated in netball it was really fun.

Something I learnt this week was, how to measure a triangle using a protractor. All together the angles all have to equal to 180 degrees  .

Something I want to learn is how to measure a reflex angle with a 180 degree protractor.

Something I am excited about is Father’s Day because I get to make a delicious omlette and Val gets to make mini, fat pancakes.

Overall I rate this week a 9.5/10, because it was a wonderful week for me.


Reflection week 4

Hi everyone,

my  favourite thing this week was art when we were doing paper mache. We all got really dirty because of that awful glue (it was actually flour and water).

I learnt how to mesure area, it’s the LxW.

I wanted to learn more about piremiter.

something inportant I need to share about this week is that I learned about the gravity on earth.

I rate this week 9.5/10.

Because it was genraly a great week for me.


Odd Sock Circus!

Huntly Primary School is going to put on a show for Bendigo. The Odd Sock  Circus is coming to town, and it’s gonna be a blast!

Where: Bendigo Ulumbarra Theatre

When: Monday 11th September, 7:30 pm (doors open 7:00 pm)


Adults: $25

Secondary school students: $17

Primary school students: $12





Tight rope walking





Devil sticks



Plate spinning


Hope yo can make it!

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